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Monday, Monday....

Well, we're's husband is hanging in there (according to Mrs. boss there is "nothing wrong with him. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw him" - she hasn't seen him in probably 6 years, he looks *horrid* (pasty, black legs, swollen with fluid)......:grrrr:). Co-worker is a basket case (naturally), and me? I'm in the doghouse again for NOT doing something that I couldn't do. (Long story - basically, the bank as executor has been sending Mrs boss some money each month for household expenses. I, in turn, give her half of it for personal expenses. The bank told her LAST MONTH that that was it, no more checks since they are really pushing to close the Estate :snerk: So.....tell me again how I can give you half of a check I didn't receive? WithOUT bouncing the actual bills. Oh, and.....the company is giving her monthly distributions now - that are *5*x what the bank was sending her. :sigh:)

11 days to vacation. I can do this.......:bangs head:

In happier news, we got the garden in - what there was of it left. (The...horses discovered my seedlings. They were apparantly tasty. :sigh:) My strawberries are blooming again; I have 2 bean plants, 2 iffy corn plants, 1 onion, and 1 pepper. I will be starting more before we leave on vacation, to continuously plant.....hopefully. :grin:

We had to go spend $$ though - Sweet Geek's tiller attachment on his Ryobi weedeater thing wasn't powerful enough for my soil. So.....he now has a nice, big Ryobi walk-behind tiller. :grin: Men and their toys....:snicker:
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