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Previous Entry On Needles..... Jun. 3rd, 2008 @ 07:10 am Next Entry
OK, so I am a self-admitted sock junkie. LOVE socks. Love to KNIT socks. Handspun-handknit socks are the pinnicle of luxury footwear.

That said, I have a DPN collection that rivals my spinning fiber stash. :gasp: I also have opinions...but I try to not let personal feelings get in the way of properly evaluating different needles (which is why I haven't done a needle review before....). However.....I am fed up with one brand of DPNs, I haven't run across any negative reviews for them (not that they're not out there, but *I* haven't seen them), so...... I give you my opinion on Lantern Moon's Sox Sticks.

I am an exotic wood lover. Rosewood, Ebony, Paduak, Purpleheart, you name it, if it's a pretty-colored hardwood, I'm *there*. All my weaving shuttles are Bluster Bay exotics, the majority of my hair forks are pretty hardwoods, my favorite circs are ebony.....but I had stuck with bamboo for my sock needles forever. (Metal DPNs hurt my wrist, so I'm kinda stuck with wood). I had seen Lantern Moon advertised, but it wasn't until last year that I finally decided to plunk down the $$ for a set of size 1 Ebonys. I had started my "Fire" socks (I'm stalled on them....I have maybe 8 rows on the toe of #1 to go....but it's got SO much bad juju I can't even *look* at it right now (divorce knitting...ah, SO much juju there! :grin:) - I'll get back to them eventually) and decided that they deserved to be knit on lovely black needles (it would set off the flame-colored yarn beautifully!)

So, I paid my money and waited. Got the envelope pretty quickly, and was underwhelmed with the needles. They weren't *black* black (like Macassar Ebony), they were brownish-black (which is still OK), and the tips looked a bit blunt, but hey - they were Ebony, and pretty, and the *perfect* length.

I quickly transferred 3 needles over, but on the 4th....the Ebony needle SNAPPED. :gasp: Now, understand that I wasn't *knitting* onto the new needles, I was simply slipping the stitches over...so to have a BRAND NEW needle snap was quite the shock. (I've *never* in my life broken a needle before.....or since. Except for *these*) I sniffled a bit, then rearranged the needles so I was knitting on 3....and wrote the vendor back.

They were quite understanding, and dropped a replacement needle in the mail. It arrived.....BROKEN. :sigh: I took it as a sign, ordered a set of Knitpicks Harmony #1s, and put the Ebony needles up.

Until last night. I have CO a sock for Sweet Geek for our trip (I need mindless knitting. The sweater front is on repeat #4, and I love it, but I will be brain-dead after a day of hiking in the mountains, and cables will be right out. So, a simple sock seems to be the perfect project, no? :grin:), and needed to make sure it would fit (yes, I did the math. It *should* fit, but it was looking kinda puny on the needles. I needed the reassurance of a quick fit). I looked about...all I have in size 1s are 4 bamboo needles (which the sock is using), 3 metal (hurt my wrist) and the 4 Ebony Lantern Moon's (yes, yes, and the Harmony set - which is in use, so..forget that. :lol:) I slipped stitches onto the Ebony set (so..I had 7 needles in use), then tried the sock on. (It'll fit!)

Since the yarn (handspun superwash Merino 3-ply) slid so well on the Ebony needles, I decided to go ahead and switch to them. Got 2 in use, went to slip the stitches onto #3....and IT SNAPPED. :grrrrrrrrrrrr:

Needless to say, I will not recommend Lantern Moon needles to anyone. I am off now to order another set of Harmony #1s (probably *2* sets...we'll see) for our trip. The Harmonys feel like wood, but seem to hold up like metal. There is no warping AT ALL on my Fire sock, the needles are smooth as glass, and Pointy. (I like Pointy needles - makes lace patterns go So Much Faster). Bamboo in the smaller sizes feels flimsy...and, since I can't find another maker of Ebony needles in the small size (again, I'm sure there's some out there, *I* just haven't run across them yet), I'll go with something that seems to work.

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spin a yarn
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Date:June 3rd, 2008 02:12 pm (UTC)
I've broken 2 of my set of 5 Lantern Moon needles. Don't like them. I've never broken a Crystal Palace bamboo needle.

I've broken a couple of Brittany birch needles, but that was after considerable use.

Grafton Fibers have some spiffy sock needles made of coloured laminated wood. They feel very strong and have very pointy tips. They're rather lovely to look at being all stripey.
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Date:June 3rd, 2008 02:29 pm (UTC)
Oooh - Grafton fibers?! I need contact info stat so I can get an order in. (Do they have size 1s?) Knitpicks says 14 days... I need these, like, by the 11th. :snicker:

Off to quietly google before Ms. boss gets in...
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Date:June 3rd, 2008 02:35 pm (UTC)
Damn - can't find any info - can you zip me a store that carries them and will mail order? I *Need* some needles STAT so I can work on this sock fetish thing I have going....:grin: (Obsession. Not a pretty thing...especially when you need a fix. :lol:)
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Date:June 3rd, 2008 02:51 pm (UTC)
They distribute through Bryson. Here's a map of stores that Bryson distributes to.

The needles are very pretty. You could try contacting Linda direct (after all she was a Thriller once). Her contact info is here.

Edited at 2008-06-03 02:52 pm (UTC)
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Date:June 3rd, 2008 03:13 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I found a mail-order place (Carolina Homespun), and was all ready to hit "Enter"..when my mom called. The kidlets were at the doc today, and I get to get 3 prescriptions filled. :sigh:

So....I have to wait on the needles I *need*, because the kids need the meds more than I need needles. :grumble: (The needles are in my cart, and will be ordered later. :grin:)
(spin a yarn)
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