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Reason # 1,238,987,345 I love my AA wheels...

not that I'm keeping count, or anything :grin: - but I *love* my AA Norwegian wheel. Why, you ask? Why, because it helps me do things like this:

This, my friends, is a *3*-ply, froghair weight yarn. It is the finest (not best, mind you, but finest grist-wise) yarn I have spun to date. Did I mention it's a 3-ply???

This is what I am currently setting up for my travel knitting (it's why I need some rugged size 1s...although, let me tell you, I'm still getting slightly....not sleazy, but not bulletproof fabric with 1s. I do NOT want to move down to 0s or smaller, though.....) It is knitting up like a dream - oh, I could have plied it a bit tighter, but it is remarkably consistent. I think it would be *awesome* in cabled socks, as the ribbing is really, really nice - the knit stitches are very well defined.....(why yes, I am enamored of how this is working up. And - *I* SPUN it myself! :grin:)

I compared it to some Regia I have in the 3-ply is finer. :neener neener:

Yeah, I probably could have done this on a different wheel - but it wouldn't have gone as quickly or efficiently. Let me tell you, Alden makes works of art that excel at what they are made to do. I simply can't sing his praises enough - I have *never* had any problems with his wheels; they work, they're pretty to look out and buy one today! (I....won't, because a)I have 3 of his at home already and b)I already have one on order (which should be finished and shipping here soon-ish. Huh...need to check on that! :grin:))
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