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It's the first Friday in June..

and you *know* what that means - it's Texas Scottish Festival time! Starts tonight at 5, calling of the clans is at 8 (they have *got* to be kidding me...:shakes head:), then tomorrow and Sunday it's non-stop kilts, bagpipes, kilts, Highland Games, kilts, dancing, kilts, celtic music - oh, have I mentioned the Kilts? :lol:

Needless to say, my weekend is busy, busy, busy!

ON another note....this sock? Out of my handspun 3-ply? Is cursed. I'm on attempt #3...the first one was nice, but the fabric was too sleazy, so I ripped and CO 84 (up from 76). Nice, cushy fabric, with my gauge I was spot on to fit his ankle...but. My Sweet Geek has deep heels (I don't know how else to explain it - my heels are dainty, and if the cuff fits my ankle it'll ease over the heel. His? Not so much - the cuff measured the same as his ankle, but there was NO WAY to ease it over the heel....) so I had to go up. We decided on *2* more inches (so..I'm up to 100 stitches now). We'll see how this goes. (1 inch wouldn't have quite done it, we think. The cuff would get to the area right before the heel, and not stretch any further. I could ease it to the heel, but not where the heel curves up into the ankle...and the fabric was straining a bit. 1".....well, we didn't feel that 8 more stitches would do it.)

Good thing I LOVE knitting - the process, not necessarily the product. :grin:

Off to knit a bit more - I'm trying to get the cuff back to 2" so we can try it on *again* before I move on into the mindless portion (and, good thing I started this *now* and not while I was actually, y'know, STUCK in a car for 10 hours with no way to verify fit. :grin:)
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