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:whew: I survived!


Previous Entry :whew: I survived! Jun. 8th, 2008 @ 07:31 pm Next Entry
And, mostly intact!

Friday we packed the truck and got things ready for the Festival. I packed up the Norwegian wheel, my basket with 1.5 pounds of green superwash, my chair, and my wheel's rug. :grin: Hit the pool, then headed to bed early...because I knew it was going to be a long, hard day on Saturday.

Saturday: Left the house by 6:30 and headed to Arlington. Got there, and the tents were *not* set up yet. (Not normal.....) So, we set up the tents, then I got myself all set up. I had forgotten my kate, though...and with only 1 bobbin, I knew I wouldn't be able to spin all day (even spinning froghair.) So, I was glad I had brought my travel knitting. :lol:

It was hot, it was miserable, but...it was a very productive day. I got the cuff done, AND I spun a lot of yarn - withOUT filling the bobbin. :grin: ritaspins37 showed up, and we had a great time gabbing and spinning (she had a drop spindle with her.) We left about 3:30, because the heat was just too much. Got home, hit the pool, and crashed.

Oh, one of the clans brought a mini (HORSE) to the Festival......it was a spoiled rotten 2 year old brat. :rollseyes: Cute, but totally mannerless.

Sunday.....the kirking was at 10. New minister this year.........I'll leave it at that. I remembered the kate, but didn't need it. :grin: Clan Donald brought me some cat hair to spin. Sweet Geek bought me a lovely photo.....but I think he could do a similar one even better. :lol: He also got me a *wonderful* leather pouch - I think it'll solve my knitting-while-hiking problem. It's the *perfect* size to hold a large ball of handspun, it has an inside pocket the perfect size to hold extra needles, and the working yarn just glides right out of the side gusset. Wonderful thing!

I filled the bobbin up completely with froghair - 1 more and I'll have another ball of sock yarn. The sock is cruizing along...I hope to be to the heel flap by the time we leave.

The Festival was fun....but S L O W. We didn't have nearly the number of people thru the gates that we have had in prior years - there were times when NOBODY was walking around. :sigh: I think gas prices probably had a lot to do with it...

We're home now..and bone weary. Hopefully I'll get to bed early, since I have to work tomorrow. And...I managed to get a nice bodice-burn today. :lol:

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