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Seriously - just got back from my wonderful doctor......and he now says, after 2 1/2 years, that I need physical therapy on my wrist. This, after 3 surgeries, 1 cyrogenic nerve block, 12 cortisone injections (2 in his office, 10 in the Pain Management clinic), all the while I'm, like, using my wrist and hand.....I say again What the Fuck?

This is beyond ridiculous. Way beyond. I gave up knitting for this? And curtailed my spinning and weaving?

So, now I get to try and schedule in PT 3 times a week, without losing hours at work (because, like, we don't get paid for time off, y'know), and still managing to take care of the kids (because, like, my husband is dead, so I can't get the deadbeat to watch the kids, and all my family are too far away), the horses, the dogs.........this is going to just not be so much fun.

*Sigh*....maybe I should just go work on my bush hog *while it's running*. That would definately take care of the constant pain I've been in for 2 1/2 years.

At least I get the satisfaction of telling the pain management doctor to fuck off...hey - gotta take your jollies where you can!

(and, an aside - I didn't know I had a pissed off dragon in my mood set!)
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