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2 for 1 today....:lol:

I saw many many many lovely legs pairs of kilt hose this weekend. I only accosted 3 laddies, though - 1 had a *lovely* pair of white hose with the Saltire on the cuff. It was intarsia, and looks doable. :grin: By someone Not-Me, that is. :lol: These were obviously machine-knit, but could be replicated on size....0s, probably. (4 flags on the cuff, neatly stranded)

The 2nd gentleman had hand-painted an argyle pattern on his cuff. From a distance, it looked *awesome*, but up close - meh. Oh, well.

The 3rd one had a pair of Hand-Knit (you can tell :grin:) hose - and they were the only pair I saw this weekend that actually *fit*. These were done in Scotland, and weren't that fancy - simple bobbled cuff, diamonds-with-bobbles-inside down the front, and ribbing everywhere else.

Which leads to a slight rant - most of the hose I saw this weekend were TOO SHORT (this includes the pair knit by a Scarby-ite for her husband...knitty's "Taorsich" (or..however it's spelled)) - kilt hose should come Right Up to the Bend of the Knee - NOT 1" (or MORE! :horrors:) below it!. (The local? She knit them very well, out of *worsted* weight wool (in TEXAS??? You gotta be kidding me! But they were about 1.5" too short - they were well done, but...:shakes head:). It's not hard to modify a pattern to reach the correct length (I've done it with my designs, so....really, not that hard!). (It's also not hard to substitute a finer yarn....I'm looking at fingering-weight for Sweet Geek''ll take longer to knit, yes, and more stitches, but it'll be worth it.) :sigh:

Speaking of socks (well, hose ARE socks, yes? :grin:), I'm almost at the heel flap on Sweet Geek's experimental socks. I like the way the yarn is knitting up...but....I'm thinking I might have wanted to use 0s instead of 1s (which I can't do. My wrist is achy now - 0s would Kill It.). I've got some 2-ply in the same wool that I think I might (but I'm still thinking) use on the heel flap (double-stranding, maybe). We'll see - this pair is experimental anyway for me to get his sizing down.
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