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Updated to-do list - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase — LiveJournal

About Updated to-do list

Previous Entry Updated to-do list Jun. 10th, 2008 @ 07:14 am Next Entry

1) Laundry
2) Pack my clothes - enough for 7 days. Not sure when we'll find a laundrymat
3) Pack kids' clothes - this'll be fun, since they are at G'ma's all week.
4) Bake pancakes to take for breakfast (see above - nearest grocery is 2 hours away)
5) Bake muffins (see #4)
6) Bake cinnamon rolls (see #4)
7) Buy ice (night before/morning of, most likely)
8) Pack ice chest (morning of)
9) Buy lunch meats/sliced cheese/peanut butter/jelly
10) Bake loaf of bread (2?)
11) Pack blankets - at least 3 (colored, not white)
12) Pack towels (colored, not white)
14) Bath stuff
15) First aid stuff
16) Sunscreen/bug spray/anti-itch stuff
17) Dinner stuff (we have an oven at the cabin...not sure of microwave)
18) Wipe off camera cards
19) Charge all batteries
20) Pack card reader for laptop
21) Water bottles
22) Milk (will be bought when close to park (would rather haul it 2 hours instead of 10+)
23) cereal
24) Paper plates/bowls/plastic utensils
25) DVD player & movies (no TV reception at the cabin)

Got quite a bit done last night, even though my mother scared me half to death. She didn't answer her phone for 4 hours...sending me into a tizzy of a panic attack. (She...fell asleep with the phone on vibrate. I'm in a spin, worried about her and my children, and she's napping. :sigh:) At least everyone is OK.....

Tonight is grocery store/bank night. Tomorrow night I get the oil changed in Libby, and Thursday we pack her up. Fun stuff!
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