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1 more day and counting... - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase — LiveJournal

About 1 more day and counting...

Previous Entry 1 more day and counting... Jun. 12th, 2008 @ 04:48 am Next Entry
'til we leave on vacation! :bounce:

Got my Grafton Needles last night - talk about customer service! I called Carolina Homespun last Wednesday. Gave a quick run-down on why I needed the needles ASAP, gave my color choices (with the caveat that beggars can't be choosers - needle color is an extra in my book anyway). The office lady called me SATURDAY to tell me that Morgaine was at a show, but that she had my needles, and if it was OK Morgaine would ship them out to me Priority on Monday - they couldn't guarantee that I'd get them, but they'd give it their best shot. :boggle:

Lovely needles. I got my first color choice (Alabaster Solids - a nice teal-y green) - they are very well made. Switched the sock-in-progress over.....the needles are short (well, DUH - I ordered the 5". My Knitpicks are what - 7"?) which, actually, are better for me - less ends waving around. For this sock...not so much - I have 50 stitches on the heel flap..and they *just barely* squeeze on. :grin: The needles have more grab than the Knitpicks, and seem to have just a squidge more point. They are *Very Nice* (or, Darn Pretty! :grin:), and I like them.....I just can't justify replacing all of my DPNs with a set of them (darn it - they are really, really nice needles!)

Got another ball of 3-ply finished last night - it's balled up and ready to go. I'm pretty sure the original ball is enough for a pair of socks...but now I have reassurance that I won't come up short on sock #2. (Still might run out of yarn - I'm only taking the sock and 2 balls of the sweater yarn. I'm hoping there's a yarn store *somewhere* in the back of beyond..if not, I know where there's at least 2 in Houston. :grin:)

Back to musing over what I need to do tonight......Dry Ice is on the list. I figure I need to pack the Jeep tonight, food and all, which will require something a bit cooler than Reddy Ice. :grin:
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Date:June 12th, 2008 07:00 pm (UTC)


heya, Verna - One note about Grafton Fibers needles versus Knit-picks (and I have both), is that I really feel that Knit-Picks kinda copied both the needle and the name from Linda and Tom. L&T had been making circulars, straights, and crochet hooks for years from the laminated woodd, and were buying the machinery to make the DPNs and smaller size circs when Kelly found out about it. I also feel that Kelly stole the name Harmony off of L&T's gorgeous little looms, as well. However, free enterprise and all. I still pick up a set of Grafton Fibers' DPNs whenever I can, but I do have a couple of sets of the KnitPicks, because they were available.

Hugs, Aubrey (www.goodiesunlimited.com)
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Date:June 12th, 2008 07:27 pm (UTC)

Re: DPNs

I am *loving* the L&T needles..I just can't afford to pay $30 per set. Unfortunately.

The KP needles aren't bad...but they feel cheap compared to L&T's. They're also not as slickery.

I'll keep saving up my money......:grin:
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