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Still here....

haven't had an update from co-worker...but it didn't sound good yesterday afternoon. Her husband hadn't woken up all day - Ms boss has no clue, but that's a sign of the end; when you go off of dialysis, the kidneys shut down, releasing endorphins - the patient goes to sleep and doesn't wake up. It could take anywhere from 24 hours to 2 weeks; with him......even the nurse said 2 or 3 days *max*.


Been looking at my photos....I have a ton. I am getting ready to revamp the website (think I said that yesterday...) and boy.....TOO many photos. No wonder I'm outta space! :grin: The Dye pages will be going, as will the Quilting pages (I don't quilt anymore - it was just a passing thang) and the Construction Diary. That'll free up *lots* of space right there. Also going will be the garb and hair pages - don't need 'em, haven't updated them in forever, so....buh bye! That should give me room to post more Elissa photos, plus keep up the knitting/spinning pages. :crosses fingers:

Guess I should start reorganizing before Ms boss gets here - I should be able to get at least 1 photo folder done...maybe. :grin:
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