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I'm here...

no lunch plans today; we did that yesterday. :grin: Sweet Geek has a LOT to catch up on, and since he's *it* for the IT dept....well, today he's at the other site and not close enough to do lunch. :shrug: Worked for me...

His sock is coming along. I'm about...3 rounds - maybe - from starting the toe decreases. I'm stalled, though - I want to try it on him before starting, and I need him handy - make that "footy" :lol: - so I can adjust the rate of decrease (this gauge is SO small, it makes my head hurt. The gussets were done with decreases every 3 rows...I'm thinking the toe might need to be every 4 (dec, then k 3 rounds, for those not into knit-think). Best to have the intended foot nearby so I can adjust them if needed. Then I can start sock #2.....get it out of the way, and I can start on a new pair for *me*. :lol: I have 2 skeins of yarn begging to be on the needles....but I want to get his done first. Then I can get back on his sweater (and the shawls I have going...although the silk/wool one is going to be frogged and replanned - I HATE the "Country Club" pattern with a passion. HATE it. I only started it so I could figure out where a friend was going wrong - I did, but I don't like (and never really did) the way it looks.)

Spinning-wise, I need to get cracking on his kilt hose yarn. 1 ply is done....just have 2 (or 3) more to go. I need to order the pattern so I can match the yarn.....:sigh: and :grin: Then I need to get his new wool spun up (more socks for him - he learned fast, didn't he? :lol:)

Funeral Arrangements - I should know by this afternoon if we need to change our weekend plans. We'll see - those in the loop will be informed!

Not much else going on...need to get some checks out of the way, so I'm off!
Tags: blather, knitting, socks, spinning

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