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Previous Entry I live in a zoo... Jun. 26th, 2008 @ 07:54 am Next Entry
I really do. The latest? I have 2 AWOL gerbils *somewhere* in the house. Hope the kidlets find them before the traps/dogs/washer/dryer do.

See, yesterday they decided that the gerbils needed a bath. :huh?: So, they pulled both of them out of the cage, put them in a plastic (lidless) box, and hauled them into the bathroom, where they gave 1 (one)(singular) of them a bath. Both gerbils (in the lidless box) were then returned to Himself's bedroom, and the box was placed on the bed and susequently forgotten.....

until *I* went in after they left (they are spending time with G'ma this week - they only came home to swim with me) to make sure the lights were out, and saw *something* (I didn't have my glasses on at the time) skitter across the floor. I called....."Ooops. Sorry!" :bangs head:

They're coming home this morning to find the gerbils (and hopefully CLEAN UP the room, as well..it's....well, disaster doesn't cover it. :sigh:)

In other news, the horses think that pool water is a gift from the gods; the chickens are living the life of Reilly and see no need to repay me with eggs for my benevolence; the dogs have declared war on said horses......have I mentioned that I live in a zoo? :lol:
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