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It's finally Friday...

and, man - am I glad this week is almost over! It's been a long one....unfortunatly, next week will be almost as bad (co-worker will be off, which is obvious to you and me but NOT Ms. boss.....:arrrrgh:)....hopefully by mid-July things'll be a bit more normal. Whatever that is.

Was mugged by the cutest horse *ever* this morning - she's decided that I need "help" feeding as in "bodyguard" as in "*I* get the food *first*, guys!" :snicker: Funny, funny critters, horses.

Have "named" some of the hens: BBQ, Baked, Fried, Brisket (don't ask, but it fits!), Salad, Nugget, etc. Silly things - they were up and out of the coop at 5 AM this morning. Not sure what's up with that....

Not much else to report. Am ready (I think) to start the toe decreases, but need to try it on the intended foot first. Need to get the pool deck cleared off tonight...and mow. Will the mowing ever stop? (NO) :lol:
Tags: blather, pets, socks

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