Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
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Busy, busy weekend. Let's recap, shall we?

Saturday was the funeral, and Herself's birthday party. The funeral was suiting, just like what Don would have wanted.

The party? ROCKED. My brother, SIL and niece came (!), Sweet Geek's SIL and Brother came (!!) and my former inlaw's came (!!!) TONS of swimming, lots of pizza, GREAT presents (an artist's set, clothes, games, BOOKS, great stuff). Himself got a saw (!!!!???!!!) which will prove interesting :grin:

Sunday, we slept in. Like....10:30 late. We headed to the AT&T store - my cell phone is dying (won't hold a charge, and won't charge unless you hold your mouth Just Right and jiggle the cable. :sigh:), and, while I *know* I stated I didn't want an iPhone...well, Sweet Geek has one. I wanted to see what AT&T had that was comparable - because the iPhone is AWESOME.

It was *very* disappointing. The closest thing they have (according to the sales rep) is the LG Vu....and it, quite honestly, sucks. (Comparatively speaking) The touchpad isn't QWERTY, it's phone-based (3 letters per button....HATE HATE HATE), it isn't Wi-Fi, it's AT&T's MobileNet (which I have on this phone - SUCKS)....and it isn't intuitive. The sales rep couldn't even figure out how to access the 'net - we had to fool around with it.

I wanted to check out the Blackberry...but the sales rep wasn't very helpful. I think the mere mention of iPhone shuts them down, because NOTHING I have seen so far really is comparable. :sigh:

Hopefully, my phone will last until July 11 - or whenever I can score an iPhone. Unless anyone out there has any suggestions: what I want is a phone that is capable of checking/sending e-mail, googling stuff, browsing the web. I do NOT need a camera, GPS (the iPhone has a camera and GPS, but no turn-by-turn directions. I have a Magellan, so this is NOT a necessity), PDA (I have a Palm that I adore - don't need to double up). I realize that I have to accept some/all of these - NONE of the phones with 'net capabilities come without these things.

:sigh: Technology is FUN, isn't it? :grin:
Tags: blather, tech-y

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