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A question...

that doesn't really have a correct answer, but I'd like opinions. (Even if they differ from mine! :wink:)

I am a cheapskate. I like nice things, but I prefer to NOT spend full-price if I don't have to (and yes, this is making my getting a new cell phone HARD for me....I know what I want, I just HATE having to pay what AT&T (and Apple) want for the phone (or...*any* phone, to be honest - but the free phones don't have the features I want/need) I buy my clothes at the local Women's Shelter (Lee Jeans - BRAND New looking - for $3. No shit! :grin:) Shoes from eBay (Birkenstocks for $15! Ariat paddock boots for $19!! etc) The kids school uniforms from an on-line retailer (hope that link's still active - I need to buy this year's uniforms in mid-July). My camera (which is Wonderful) was pre-owned - I got it for 1/3 the cost of a new one (I love Adorama in New York for camera stuff). I could go on and on.....but you get my drift.

Am I crazy? I mean, is it wrong of me to not want to spend $$$ when I can get the same thing for $?? (And...I don't mean just *now*, when prices are going up and the dollar is devaluing as we speaktype - I've *always* been this way).

Sweet Geek and I have been having an on-going discussion of this....he's all on the side of spend what you need to get the quality you want, and go for new/brand-name/whatever. That's FINE, but......I have no problem with buying at bargain-basement prices. Or being given bargain-basement stuff (which is where the problem lies - he wants to give Neiman-Marcus presents (on a NM budget), while I am happy with eBay copies. (And..that's not really a good analogy - I shop Thrallmart. They are just about the ONLY game in town. I won't buy a lot of clothes/shoes there, but that's just ME. Some of the stuff is decent - watches/sunglasses/etc. I just..don't like the clothing styles there, and I'm a Birkenstock gal at heart. :grin:)

Am I nuts? (Wait...we already know the answer to that, and it's I mean...I know what I'm trying to say, but it's not quite right.....I can't go into too much detail (since I don't have a lot of detail to go into, with specifics....this has been a simple on-going discussion.) but...wait, I can come up with a scenario: The dining room table!

We went to the local Amish Furniture place, and saw this table. (I've mentioned this before, but I'll recap. :grin:). The table and 4 chairs totaled $4K-ish; we had to put $1K down and pay out $600 (I think) a month for 4 months.

I went online - because I am a cheapskate, remember - and found the SAME table and similar chairs (they are close enough to the ones at the local store)....the set was $2100. WITH delivery. I love it - the price was more in line with what I was willing to spend (although I still balked at it.....that's more than I spent on my Glimakra loom!); it looks great in my dining area.....and it wasn't $4K!

He was thrilled that I saved almost $2K. Was surprized, even, that I found the same table.....but he's resistant to doing it on other things.

Is it just me? Am I so used to stretching the dollar that I'm missing something here? I mean - is there something wrong in trying to save a buck or two?

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