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I've been RAOK'd and other mumblings...

I stopped by the Post Office last night, and discovered I'd been RAOK'd by Elizabeth Rowe - I could hardly wait to get home!

It was some yummy smelling handmade soap (Rosemary Mint - yum!) and a bag of tea. But wait - it gets better! The card has a wonderful drawing of a gray Welsh pony on the front (which, incidentally resembles my stallion) that she drew herself!!!!!(and painted, too - Whoo Hoo!)

Thanks bunches Elizabeth - I really needed that last night!

Mumbles: Himself is almost finished with his washrags, and we've already measured out another warp. I swear, I have to get another warping board - he's weaving these warps up almost as fast as I can wind them! Looks like I'll be getting a few more warping pictures this weekend.

Herself isn't into weaving; she says she wants to knit. Excuse me for being cynical....she's not known for sticking with anything. I cast on 15 stitches for her Wednesday night (yes, against doc's orders - who cares?)in the nasty-est (to me) pink-slightly-fuzzy yarn, and knit the first row. I tried to be patient, but her Concerta had worn off and she had no focus at all. I'll try again tomorrow while the pill is working. *sigh* Gotta love ADD kids, y'know?

My wrist is worse; I've requested the forms from Worker's Comp to change doctors. I brought Himself's sweater in today, but I really doubt I will work on it - my wrist hurts badly. I tried to wear my wristwarmers, to see if heat would help, but......the nerves went crazy and I had to yank 'em off.

On the loom, I've almost finished the first of dishtowels v.2.0. The orange is lovely against the tan warp - I really like the way it's weaving up. #2 will be with a nice dark green weft - not the smooth unmercerized I just bought, but with a darker green I found in the stash. It looks better with the countertops then the Emerald does. Don't fret - the Emerald will be used in something else...maybe a bodice? *g*

Gotta decide what I want to wear on Halloween. The kids are both sheep (their idea, not mine!) and I was told I was the shepard. It'll be RenGarb, but......pyrate corset bodice? leather with celtic knotwork bodice? black velveteen w/dragon embroidery bodice? Must think...

Off to rest the wrist.....grumble mumble stupid grumble grmble painful grumble mumble...
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