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I'm tired...

and it's only Saturday!

Today: was awakened at 5:30 by Himself, who was up and raring to go. *sigh* Fixed him breakfast, read my mail, put lunch in the Crock Pot, then warped his loom (1.5 hours). Herself finally woke up at 8:15; I had breakfast with her. They settled down to weave (even Herself! Yes, the world is coming to an end!) and Dad arrived.

He brought me a 72" mini-blind for the garage, and spent the next 2 hours (10 minutes, he said!) installing it. I, meanwhile, started a loaf of bread and ran to the store for dog food. Got home, ate lunch, then went out and mowed the back yard (push mower) and the front yard (Kubota).

Sat down.

Wove a little bit, taught my *former* neighbor's former step-daughter (they are getting a divorce, the husband is a jerk that doesn't want anything to do with his daughter, so the step mom gets to keep her on "his" weekends) how to weave (well, OK, Himself actually taught her). Went out to help the guy delivering the round bales....he got his truck stuck in the muck. Went to get the Kubota.....front tire is FLAT. I must've run over a mesquite's off the rim it's so flat. And I don't have a pump and I gave my air compressor away. *sigh* (and adds a new compressor to my list). Called the jerky neighbor, but by the time he drug himself out of the house they had gotten the truck and hay trailer unstuck.

Helped unload 2 round bales - the guys did the grunt work, I kept the starving to death horses away from the only food they've seen in 10 years. *snork* Hay man and I decided that Erynne is definatly preggers (she's 3), which explains her pushiness, but not the others (and yes, I DO feed them 2X a day, and they have grass. Ingrates!)

Came inside, vacuumed the floor, started supper. Got the neighbor's daughter's weaving straightened out, got supper on the table, started cookies.

Ate cookies...ate homemade bread. Now I'm pooped...and tomorrow is the Halloween carnival. Yea. Yippee. *Yawn*

Any questions as to why my wrist hurts? *g*
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