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It's Friday...

and I'm home. "Sick". Did get my new phone - yes, I caved. Yes, it's an iPhone 8g. 3G technology. Purty li'l thing - it's black. (They were already out of the white ones....and I got there at 6:30 AM. The first people in line had been there since 5 PM last night - c'mon, guys! It's only a phone!)(I was, like, 76th or so. The line, when I left, was STILL all the way around the building. They only had 300 phones....Someone's not gonna be happy.)

Yes, it's cool. I don't like that my iPod charger will not work with the phone (it does on the original iPhone...guess they decided they needed more $$). I can't get iTunes to upgrade on my the iPhone isn't activated yet. (They assign each phone to the account, to try and keep folks from selling them. They also only allowed 1 phone per customer this time.) You have to sync it with iTunes before it'll work...Sweet Geek is coming home early today (as soon as the current crisis is fixed!), so he said he'll take care of it for me. :grins:

They were very organized this morning - I was quite impressed. Every employee - EVERY Employee - was there at 7:15; they passed out water at 7:20. They started the paperwork at 7:45; at 8 AM they were ready to hand out the first phones. I went in at 8:15 and was in the Jeep at 8:25. :blink: Very quick, VERY professional.

Some people were upset that you had to PAY for the phone right then - DUH. I had already decided that if they were out of the 8g I would go for the 16g...more $$$, of course, old phone is almost dead. I charged the battery last night, and it's almost dead already. It drops calls for no reason. :sigh: I really needed a new phone - now - so...I was going to do what I had to do.

I also got Libby's oil changed and did a few other personal stuff. I'm still trying to download iTunes 7.7....I have it on the PC, but not the laptop. Stupid me - shoulda done this yesterday. Ah, well.....:grin:
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