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It's School Uniform time! (Public Service Announcement!)

I've been browsing the web, searching for the best deals. (I'm a cheapskate, remember? :grin:) The site I used the last 2 years, School-Uniforms is still a viable site...but I found a cheaper site this morning. :sigh:

Why does buying school clothes have to be so complicated? And why is there SUCH a big difference in prices? Some sites have the SAME clothing...3x the price of these 2. :sigh: It really does pay to do some research!

Herself needs ALL new stuff; Himself, not much - he can wear most of her outgrown stuff. She's allowed shorts this year - I bought her 8 pair last year, and she wasn't allowed to wear them. :sigh: So, Himself got all of those (they don't fit, yet - but she's already outgrown them!) He just needs some new shirts, to feel "special" :lol:

Even with shipping, I'll be saving quite a bit - $8.50 for pants that Wallyworld has for $12. :blink:

I will say this - like them or not, Uniforms are the way to go. No more arguing about what to wear, no more being teased because you're not wearing the "right" clothes, no more "but so-and-so has THESE jeans and I don't!" :grin: Plus, they last FOR-FREAKING-EVER. Himself is STILL wearing some of the polos I bought for Herself - in KINDEGARDEN. She's in 6th grade this year. :blink: (And yes, I buy 'em big - he's just now almost out of Smalls. In 3rd grade.)

There are other places on the web that sell uniforms, and it really does pay to research them. I've hit 10+ sites this morning....I think I'll stop, since I've found good prices. Plus, the Children's wear outlet has Buster Brown 3-piece outfits for boys..for $6.99. :grin: Himself will enjoy those, I think.....

ETA Whoa! I just ran the figures - for 5 each shorts/pants/short sleeve polos/long sleeve polos, I will pay $133 at Children's Wear Outlet, and $250 at School-Uniforms! :thud: Neither kid needs a full 5 days of all items...but STILL.....that's a $117 difference - EACH kid.
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