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Previous Entry Whee! Jul. 22nd, 2008 @ 06:06 pm Next Entry

We got our first egg tonight! I don't know which chicken provided tomorrow's breakfast, but - we got an egg! Don't believe me? Here - have a few photos:

In the egg collecting basket - much nicer than the feed bucket I hauled it into the house in! :grin:

On the table - it's not very big, but it's MINE, and it's cute. (For size reference, when it's in the palm of my hand, it's about the size of my thumb. Teeny. But cute!)

Close-up of the world's first $1K egg. :lol:

Yup, I'm chuffed! Hopefully, I'll get another one tomorrow so I can have a proper 2-egg breakfast Thursday morning. :lol:

ETA: I just checked - I got my hens on or about April 14...so the oldest one is about 23 weeks. (They were 4 - 10 weeks old).
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