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It's Friday morning...


Previous Entry It's Friday morning... Jul. 25th, 2008 @ 08:07 am Next Entry
and we set sail - oh, wait. Wrong lyrics. :grin: Watched Dr. Horrible again last night - on the TV. Sweet Geek burned it to a DVD, and whoa - it's even better in HD. :lol:

Too bad we're both singing the songs today...:snicker:

Lucy is going to the vet today - she did something to her left rear leg/paw, and we can't figure out what. So, Sweet Geek is taking her in. Then he's talking to the guy about our fences. He's gonna be busy today! (Sweet Geek, I mean, not...the...guy...:lol:)

Didn't sleep last night, so I am over-caffenated at the moment. Fun, fun....

Lots of stuffs going on, but nothing I can report on here. Oh - a word: I LOVE spam-blockers. And kill files. That's all I'm sayin' on *that*. :grin:
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