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Previous Entry It's Monday.... Jul. 28th, 2008 @ 08:04 am Next Entry
and a good day, so far. But it's young, yet....:grin:

Time for the weekend recap:

Friday: Sucked. 'Nuff said on *that*

Saturday: Busy. We ran up to OK (WinStar Casino) so Sweet Geek could get his Poker on. He did...ok-ish, said the cards sucked. We'll go back in a week or 2 - he's qualified every year for the Red River Tournament, and wants to try again this year. I'm cool with it - I don't do poker, but I got 2" of his sock knit, AND watched Dr. Horrible, so...it's good. :lol: He doesn't bet more than he can afford to lose, and he doesn't dip into bill/grocery/mortgage funds, so it's OK. He offered to let me play the slots....no. I just *can't* do that. I'd rather knit.

The kids were in Ft Worth all week (yes! I didn't mention it, because...well, I think I have a troll, and the safety of my children is paramount. Lest you think I'm nuts....I've got a filter on all my email accounts, and they got hit last week. 'Nuff said...but I have to think of the kids, first, and I don't want to go protected here.) - they had a blast. We picked them up on our way home from OK...had to tell them about Lucy, which sucked, but they understood, and both said it was for the best.

Sunday: Went and saw Wall*E. Quite a cute movie. Enjoyed it. :grin: Got milkshakes on the way home - enjoyed those more. :lol: We also got 1/2 the pool deck lattice up - it looks *nice*. We bought a new umbrella for the deck, and installed it - it looks good. It'd look better if it were green, but it was only $20, so I can live with tan. :lol:

Zoey and Bailey seem to be coping surprisingly well. Both were a bit more "in your face" than normal....but not as much as I had anticipated.

Sweet Geek and I also compromised - remember my post on price recently? Well....2 words: Outlet Mall. :snicker: We got MORE than I expected, for LESS than he intended to spend. Win/Win. And that's all I'm sayin' on *that*. :innocent look:

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