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It's Wednesday....2 more days!

The chickens, which have consistantly been giving us 2 eggs a day, slacked off - yesterday, we only got 1. Time to break out the Cayenne Pepper, methinks. :grin: I'm not complaining, mind you - 1 egg a day is better than 0, but....we eat 8 eggs a day. I need some more hens to get to work!

Lunch date today - looking forward to it. Makes for a nice mid-week break. Especially when Ms. boss is being....well, herself. (And..we have a 3 year lease. So....I'm here for maybe 2 more years. Don't think she'll can me before that, but I am counting the days. :sigh:)

Have called the fence guy to give him the go-ahead on the girl's pasture. It's half the cost of the boys'.....they'll have to wait. $1500 is a bit pricey.....but we can afford that easier than we can the $2800 for the boy-os. :sigh:

Not much else to report - and I have checks to write. Plus, I am easily distracted lately.....ooh, look! Shiny! :lol:
Tags: blather, country life, pets

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