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It's Monday...

and I need a break. Busy, busy weekend...

Friday: Met with the fence guy, wrote a check, then went to dinner with Sweet Geek's family (his dad's was his dad's b-day). His half-brothers are....interesting. :grin: Got home after 10...which was bad, because

Saturday: Up at 6. We all (all 4) went to Sweet Geek's office to meet with the contractor who was mapping the power..he was late (supposed to be there at 7; we showed up at 7:30, HE didn't get there until 9. :sigh:) We boogied out of there at almost 10, and headed up to the Casino.

Dropped Sweet Geek off, then the kids and I headed back over the border to go shopping at the Outlet Mall. The kids were great - no complaints about the heat, or the walking, or the lack of me buying stuff. :grin: We had JUST sat down to lunch, when Sweet Geek called, ready to be picked up. I'm thinking, uh-oh, cards musta sucked, but no - he won the round and was in the tournament. :squee:

Got home at 4, then had to run back out to replace the dead TV. (Yes, it was dead, Jim - nothing we could do!) :sigh: My savings account is now dead....but we can watch movies! :grin:

Sunday: Up at 8, and headed back to OK. The kids were with Mom, so I got to stay and knit while Sweet Geek played. He got a 10 minute break at 12; he ended up at 150 (out of 400) - he got knocked out at 2:30. A good time was had by all, and we'll be back next year.

I'm exhausted, but we're not done - we have to pull some posts for the fence guy (he's going to start tomorrow) and mow tonight. I need a vacation! :grin:
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