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There's this...stuff...


Previous Entry There's this...stuff... Aug. 6th, 2008 @ 09:08 am Next Entry
and it's..like, *falling* from the sky. It's wet....whatever can it be? :snicker: Yup, it's raining - I think. Looks like rain, the parking lot is damp-ish, the windows up here have streaks....but it's AUGUST. It doesn't rain in AUGUST. :lol:

Fence guy is supposed to work today - we'll see. Can't wait for the fences to be re-done - I'm tired of the Press Gang accosting me every morning for foodstuffs. :smile:

Liking the new TV - the picture quality is Awesome, the HD channels are *whoa* so crystal clear it's amazing, and the DVD playback is....wow. Just - wow. AND - we get Football. :snicker:

Get to help the Financial Advisor set up his iPhone today...:lol: Can't believe ANYONE can't figure this out - Apple is very user-friendly, but hey - it's a job. That I get paid for. :snicker:

Lunch date today! :whee:
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