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Back home from the carnival/Harvest Fest

And Wow. All I can say is that if you have to go to a carnival instead of walking the streets begging for candy, this is the way to go.

Disclaimer: I am not Baptist, nor do I wish to convert. But these guys know how to throw a carnival!

They had face painters (Herself got a snake, Himself convinced the guy to do a fire truck. It actually looks like a fire truck!); they had temporary tattoos, they had fishin' holes, they had was great.

The first stop was a fishin' hole - kid sticks the pole over the partition, the grandma/pa puts a very full bag of candy on it. Just like real fishing. Next was the temp. tattoo, then on to the cookie walk (both kids decided against that - not enough fun (or candy)). There was a pumpkin toss, a Noah's Ark toss, a metal washer toss. Silly soccer. Another fishin' hole - this one with water and fat plastic fish. A home for now missionary couple were telling stories about their adventures in the Serengeti - way cool. (I was much more interested in the African textiles they had tossed around, but didn't get to talk much to them about them, darn it!) *They* gave glow sticks and glow bracelets instead of candy - way way cool!

A spin art booth (messy but fun), a mini-golf booth, another fishin' hole (sea creatures, this time) and my personal favorite - a "blow out the candle with a water pistol" booth (the ladies running that one were soaking wet already. Himself shot a candle out all by hisself, as did Herself, much quicker than him).

Oh, and did I mention the 2 bounce houses in the gym? (We skipped them, or we'd still be there).

Considering that at each booth, the kids got to pick out candy/prizes, and the boothies *gave* them candy as well, it was a success. We have mucho candy in the house at this moment - and very happy kids.

This year was a lot better than last year's - I don't know if last year was the first, but it was maybe half the size. Plus, Herself was unmedicated, so we had to leave 15 minutes after we got there because of a major meltdown. This year, I had to drag them out after an hour and a half - we had to eat supper to counteract the candy. Most of the booths had toys as well as candy - the Noah's Ark booth gave Himself a cute book because the first time we hit it, he tossed all 3 animals thru the ark's window. Good arm, there! It was a good haul.

I was in garb - a gypsy shepard, since both kids were sheep. I saw at least 4 other adults in costume - last year it was just li'l ol me. Glad to see others getting into the spirit of fun.

Much fun - but now it's time for bed! I'll try to upload the pictures either tomorrow or Tuesday...depends on the work load.

Oh, and please complete an offer! *smile*
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