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Busy busy busy weekend...

Why IS that? The rest of the week simmers along, but the minute Friday hits, BAM - we are swamped with busy-ness.

Friday: Got Sweet Geek's truck all taken care of - nothing major, just a $40 diagnostic charge. Informed Herself that her weekend plans were SUNK - she got to stay home and clean her room. Himself went to G'ma's....

Saturday: Herself took out *5* bags of trash and 2 bags of donations from her room. It still needs work, but you can see the floor now. (Don't mention the bed, OK?) *I* took out 2 bags of trash from my room, scrubbed the oven, and tended chickens. (*5* EGGS. *5*) And horses. The plumber was supposed to come back out, but something came up - he'll be out tomorrow to check for the leak I think I don't have.

Sunday: More cleaning. You can eat off of my kitchen counters now - AND they're rearranged. (Needed it). Sweet Geek scrubbed the floors. Herself attempted to tidy the bookcase.....right. Sweet Geek also corrected the wiring on the light in the front room - when I had the new ceiling fan installed, it was done shoddily (figures), so he did it correctly. Looks better, and actually works like it's supposed to now. Did the evening stables - got *6* - count 'em - SIX - eggs last night. They were quite tasty this morning. :grin:

Got lots more to journal, but it'll be private, since I know I still have a troll. :waves: and :flips off: (Oh, and FYI - your emails are going straight to spam, and hence deleted unread. Give it UP already!)

Oh, and it's raining again - Yippee!
Tags: blather, country life, kids

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