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Ever had one of those mornings?


Previous Entry Ever had one of those mornings? Aug. 12th, 2008 @ 07:58 am Next Entry
You know, the one that starts off SO well that, well...the rest of the day HAS to be better? Yeah.....me too....like, today.

Let's see, it started last night. Mom had the kids; her A/C is out, so they were coming to the house. No biggie - I can't see anyone living with the TX August heat if there are alternatives (and, hey - they're my kids. They NEED A/C). It started raining just before they got home....I went on to bed. No big deal....

Only, somehow, the gate was open this morning...and the Press Game were missing. 3 horses + outside the gate + rain/fog =/= a Good Morning. :sigh:

All 3 were found and returned by 7:30, thankfully...but it was NOT a fun drive into work this morning. Hopefully, the fence guy will be out today and get his game on. :sigh:

The funny thing? Sweet Geek's A/C went out Sunday...only his aunt didn't tell him until yesterday. (He was with us.....) So, he had a miserable night. :poor baby: Because of the many pets his aunt has, bringing her (and him) over just isn't feasible......he did manage to get someone to come out today, though, so hopefully he'll be cool by tonight.

Only 3 eggs yesterday (slackers!) - but the hens have decided that my neon blue with tie-dye-ish pattern croc-wannabes are Too Cool, and must be tasted. :snicker: I knew they liked shiny jewelry, but shoes? That's a new one.

Plumber is due out today to search for the (hopefully non-existant) leak. My water bill last month was $176....I've NEVER paid more than $60/month, even when I was filling up the pool - until, that is, they did all that work on THEIR side of the meter. Coincidence? Riiiiiiiiiiight. There's standing water - on THEIR side, of course - and they haven't done anything about it, even though we've reported it 4 or 5 times. :sigh: I need a well.....I need to get OFF GRID as much as possible. This is....stupid. :sigh:
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