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I have an announcement to make...

Want to write this down for posterity.....don't want to forget!

Yes, it is official - as of July 26, 2008. We had been talking about it for months, and he wanted to buy me a ring, but - I am cheap, and he wanted to spend big bucks. I sent him links to what *I* liked (see here, at the bottom of the page, for my favorite), but....they weren't "big" enough. (What IS it about guys and size, anyway? :snicker:)

We'd run up to the casino in OK for him to play in one of the sattelites, to get into the "River" - a big Poker Tournament. On our way up, we passed the Gainesville Outlet Mall - and they had a sign "Books 75% off!". Well....I can't resist a sale, or books - put the 2 together and I'm there!

So, on our way back, we stopped. On our way to the bookstore, I noticed a jewelry store. "Huh." said I "I didn't know that Zales had an outlet". Now, I was NOT hinting - this was an idle observation. Remember, I had found some rings that *I* liked, that met my cheap nature - Zales? Even an outlet would be too expensive!

Anyway, we walked past the door (Sweet Geek noticing that they were discounting the tax, as well), got to the end of the store when he *stopped*. "Let's go in and look" he said. "You might see something you like". Um. Erm. :gulp: OK.

The saleslady asked if she could help. "Yup" he said. "We need an engagement ring. She :squeezing my arm: wants Emeralds". "OH!" she says "Right over here!"

We walk over. Wow. A nice display case full of lovely green bling. 6 rings to choose from. He smiled at me, started to say something, and I said "Nope. YOU get to pick - I'll wear whatever you give me!" He got the most meltingly sweet grin on his face, then bent over the case to carefully study the offerings.

"Hmmmmmmmmmmm...I think.........can we look at *that* one, please?" The saleslady gushed a bit, pulled it out, and handed it to me. :sigh: Large oval-cut emerald, set between 2 good-sized rectangular white sapphires, and 5 diamond chips on each side. Need I say we came home with it? :grin:

We (the saleslady and I) did get into a discussion over diamonds and my innate dislike of them (forget the whole "blood diamond" thing - it is an issue, yes, but I don't like monopolys of ANY sort, and DeBeers rules the diamond market - EVEN the Canadian mines, so.....if you buy a "safe" Canadian diamond, you are still supporting the blood diamond trade. Just sayin') while she was ringing us up, but it was, overall, a great experience. Sweet Geek is thrilled, because it cost a LOT less than he expected, and it's BIG; I'm thrilled because it's beautiful and more than met *my* budget. (OK....I don't get why you'd spend $1,500+ on a piece of *jewelry*. It's just a rock! Why not spend less on the symbol and put the rest towards something you and your spouse-to-be actually *need* for your life together?)

Then we got to tell the families......we went to pick up the kidlets, who were at their grandparent's house. We didn't tell them - I had on the ring, yes, but nothing was said. (Still hasn't been, as a matter of fact) We told my mother on Sunday, when we dropped the kids off at her house - she saw the ring right off (it's....kinda hard to miss! :grin:) Told my dad a couple of days later...*he* told my brother, getting a jump on me (oh, well...:lol:)

Sweet Geek told his aunt on Tuesday - she immediately told him to pick out her home. :sigh: Not gonna happen - she can live with US when the time comes. :shakes head: His dad....:grin:

That Friday (Aug 1), was his dad's 72nd birthday. His stepmom got all the kids together for a surprise dinner at his (Dad's) favorite restaurant. Sweet Geek didn't say a thing - his stepmom knew, but she is GOOD at keeping secrets. :grin: So....we go thru dinner, his half-brothers are teasing him and me, the kids are having fun....his Dad opens his presents, thanks everybody, and is standing there chatting with Sweet Geek and his half-brothers. Someone makes the remark that it was a good party, and his step-mom says "Yes. 72 years, Grandma had a good report on her mammo......was there anything else?" - while she and Sweet Geek grin like loons. "Well" Sweet Geek says. "Yes. We're getting married!" which caused the whole table to erupt in chaos. :lol:

That went over well, I think. :grin:

He finally told his brother (confused yet? :grin:) the next was decided that we'd find a friend with a bass boat, go out on the lake, and have the "capitan" marry us. We could tie beer cans to the back; Sweet Geek could wear a white t-shirt from Wally world..:snicker:

No date has been set – it’ll be with a JP, with 2 witnessess. We just need to pick a good day, and get on with it. No fuss, no muss….he’ll move out to our place, but he’ll keep his house – his aunt needs a place to live, after all, and he’ll be spending 2 or 3 nights a week with her. The kids are thrilled, *I’m* thrilled……:grin:

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