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just a quickie..

because my wrist hurts.

Website has been updated. I spent all day Monday waiting on my PC to do a scandisk, so I did some housecleaning and reorganizing. I think I got all the links working.....let me know if I missed one, OK?

Still weaving on the huck dishtowels. Have ordered more yarn from Webs so I can warp up more - it's a fun and easy pattern. And dishtowels make good prezzies!

Himself has decided to weave me a set of placemats for Christmas. Just like the washrags he's doing now (4/2 cotton; white warp, rainbow weft in 2/2 basketweave); it'll look great with the Fiestaware china. I was evil and tempted Herself with Log Cabin....we'll see if she jumps on it.

Must try to avoid the leftover Halloween boss is evil. She brought in 2 pounds of it! *grump grumble*
Tags: blather, kids, weaving

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