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It's Wednesday, and I haven't slept since Sunday evening. Oh, I've dozed a bit, here and there, but I've only gotten - MAYBE - 6 hours of sleep total since then. :sigh: My neck is all knotted up, which I think is the problem, but I can't figure out why or how to fix it. :sigh: I've been ordered to take something to make me sleepy tonight......I HATE that, but I gotta get some sleep.

The contract work we do at the office is due today, and I'm not finished. Not my fault, this time - one of the contractors (ironically, the BOSS) hasn't turned in his timesheet (due last FRIDAY). I can't process the checks or the invoice without his info, so I'm sitting here doing nothing. :sigh:

Still raining.

At least I have a lunch date today. I think we're doing Indian cuisine...we'll see how THAT goes.
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