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It's Friday!

And the boss is goin' outta town! :happy dance:

The fence guys busted butt yesterday - the mare's paddock has ALL the t-posts set, and the top 3 strands ran (but not tightened). The stud's paddock has 1.5 sides t-posts set, and all the wooden posts. They got there this AM around 8 (per my mom) and are moving around like Keystone cops. :snicker: He plans on having it FINISHED today. :fingers crossed: A well-built fence is a thing of beauty - these? Are GORGEOUS. And nice. He pulls a tight fence, he says....I'm impressed with what's there now. Perfectly straight rows of t-posts, all nice and tidy and unpushed...:grin:

Meet the teachers went well. Both teachers have been warned of what they'll be up against this year....Himself's had already been told a bit about him, so she's cool, Herself's hadn't been, but was understanding of what she's up against. Both ladies seem very nice, and fully qualified to teach my little geniuses. (Not bragging - my kids are smart, the school counsellors and teachers that have come in contact with them have told me so. Himself is in the G&T program; Herself would have been had she not been put in the SE program (needing help - counselling wise) in first grade (her daddy's death really hit her hard, and the school counsellors have been GREAT, for the most part). I think this'll be a good year for both kids.

Finally got Sweet Geek's truck towed to the local Ford place - and what a fuster-cluck *THAT* was. Let's summarize, shall we? The tow-truck driver GOT LOST, was *2* hours OVERDUE, and argued over the directions *I* gave him (I give good directions - I get lost very easily, and don't want anyone else to go thru that.) Then, when we FINALLY get the truck to the dealership, they don't have the right key blank. :sigh: We'll be picking it up tonight. (Upside, though - because the guy was so late, Sweet Geek thought to see if there were any dealers closer than the one I got my Jeep from. Yup - 2.3 miles from the house. So, no extra $$ had to be paid for the towing! AND, this dealer was actually cheaper than the other one - explain that! :lol:)

Not much else to report, so I'm off to web surf the day away :lol:
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