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What a weekend!

Let's cut to the chase here, OK? Lots of stuff, and I'm tired! :grin:

Friday: Got off work early, went and picked up Sweet Geek's truck, and headed home. Sorted out the kids (last Friday before the dreaded School Year starts! Oh Noes!) and horses (*9* eggs! Whoo Hoo!)Fence guy had all the posts in, 90% of the stallion paddock finished ("I'll make it good enough to hold the studs tomorrow!" - umm...not exactly :lol:) Kids cleaned out the chicken coop (fun stuff!). Watched some Star Trek, and trundled off to bed.

Saturday: Sweet Geek ran to Home Despot for more fence posts; I mowed the back yard. (Before breakfast, yet - not my smartest move. Hypoglycemic tendancies shouldn't be ignored...I have yet to learn this.) He finished up, then we had breakfast - Himself cooked the eggs! - and started on the weekly tidy. Sweet Geek worked outside, Herself checked for eggs, Himself grudgingly picked up legos. :snicker: The clean coop did something - *11* eggs!!!! Ran the kids to G'ma's, then had to hustle home because - somehow - the front gate was opened and my press gang went down the street. Unfortunatly, Magic - who normally respects fences - discovered HER fence wasn't solid, and went hustling after them. :sigh: *4* horses loose on a semi-residental street...Not a Good Thing. Luckily, Dusty (the "Big Kahuna", the "Old Man", my 21 year old stallion) is *very* easy to catch, and the other 3 followed him back home. Fence guy came out and got the stud paddock "secure for now" (Ummmm...not really. :lol:) We put the boys up, fed everybody, and collapsed in the house - only, an hour later, Dusty was out with the girls. (Of his "Secure" paddock. Right...:snicker:) We did hit the pool for a bit - it was loverly!

Sunday: We evaluated the fence situation - the stallion paddock has field fencing (aka: No-climb Horse wire, Hog Fencing, and other things) on the front and long side, and 3 strands smooth wire on the bottom and other side (it'll be 6 strands by tonight). Apparantly, Dusty has figured out that he can crawl UNDER the bottom strand. :sigh: (The mares will have 5-strand smooth wire all over; currently the long side is the only side that's done - it'll be done today as well, if all goes according to plan). Sweet Geek and I went to see "Dark Knight" was OK; I don't like violence for violence's sake, and this movie was full of it. The acting was pretty good, though, and the plot moved the story along. Kids came home, we hit the pool, fed everyone (10 eggs!!) and hit bed early so they'd be ready for school today.

Both kids are at school now; Himself didn't want to go, because he couldn't remember where his room was. :grin:
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