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It's been one of those days...

and it's not even 8 AM yet! :sheesh:

Got 9 eggs yesterday - someone's slacking off. :grin:

Kids had good first days yesterday; both like their teachers and seem happy. They are both in the "Honors" or "Advanced" classes, which will lead to lots of homework and gnashing of teeth later, but for now they like them. We'll see....:lol:

I have a lunch date today (AND tomorrow - I'm so lucky!). So, at least I have something fun to look forward to today. :grin:

Fence crew still isn't quite finished, but that's OK - the fences are things of beauty, and he wants to make sure they are done Right. Plus, he pulls a tight fence, and wanted the concrete to set on the last 4 posts that he put in. It's so nice to look out the kitchen window and see the perfectly straight line of t-posts marching down to the creek...and to see at least 2 of my horses contendedly contained within said fence. :grin:

At the heel flap of Sweet Geek's #2 sock. Will hopefully finish it and the turn today..we'll see. The kilt hose project moves apace - I need to write AA and check the status of the Production wheel, and to see if his lovely wife will give me some advice on my planned yarn.

Not much else to report...
Tags: blather, country life, kids, knitting, socks, spinning

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