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It's Wednesday...

which means half the week is done, and oh, look - Monday is a Holiday!! :happy dance:

Lunch date again treat. Not sure where we'll go, but I'm thinking Greek. We'll see - anything'll work.

:sigh: Wish my money would stretch further......I totaled up the bills and will have exactly $148 left out of this paycheck.....and that's WITHOUT grocery shopping. :bigger sigh: Need to do some shifting around.

Fence still not done, but closer. Need to get a new water trough, anyway, so I'm not too concerned.

Ms. boss still sick, so....get to work on the sock again. Turned the heel yesterday, and am ready to pickup the gusset stitches now. Fun stuff! Mindless knitting from here on out - to the toe, anyway. :grin:

Off to knit!
Tags: blather, knitting, socks

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