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Why is it...

my weekends are busier than my weekdays?

Went to Sam's yesterday - that place is *eeeevil*. $200 later, I still have little food, but I have a years supply of dish detergent, 6 months supply of laundry detergent, and enough green beans and corn and chili to supply an army of 4 year olds for 6 months. Also orange juice, cranberry juice and fish sticks. Must keep fish sticks on hand!

Himself finished the washcloths and has moved on to log cabin, a color and weave effect. He's doing decent at it; not bad when you consider a)he's 4 and b) log cabin requires 2 shuttles and *counting*. He's made a few mistakes, but hey - the recipient will *love* it (or else. I'm just sayin' *g*) He wants to do some twills.....I'm not sure he's ready for twills. They aren't hard, but the treadle/lever sequence is different from what he's been doing.

WEAVING EXPLANATION: See, in plain weave, you first lift all the odd # threads (on shafts 1 and 3) throw the shuttle, then lift the even # threads (shafts 2 and 4). On the table loom he stole from me, it's "yellow and white, throw to the right, red and blue, back home do" (cheesey, but it helps him remember). Twills......not quite as simple.

Twills are lifted in sequence: shafts 1 & 2, 2 & 3, 3 & 4, 4 & 1. Easy...but I'm not sure he can remember the sequence, and I can't think up a rhyme. (The colors, in order, are: white, blue, yellow, red). I'm thinking I need to make a color chart for him...maybe.

Herself is still stalled. I'm thinking I need to trash that warp and put on something bright and colorful...but she says she'll work on it. Grrrrrrrr. I don't care if she weaves or not, but I HATE the whining that "Himself gets to do fun stuff and I Don't!". *sigh* Any ideas???

I finished my dishtowels - I had warped for 4, but only got 3. By the time the warp came off of the warp beam, the tension went way wonky - the knots on the rod kept coming undone, for some strange reason. I trashed it - life is too short to be screwing around with wonky tension - and warped up the first of my twill samples.

I'm ever so glad I did - I decided to sample for the scarf I am doing as a present (out of handspun Shetland - yum!) (and yes, I actually *sampled* for it this time, instead of my usual "just dress the loom and go and don't worry about it" routine), and I don't like the way it looks.

See, it's a tartan, and I picked just part of the sett for the warp. The resulting fabric is a bit strange -it's the tartan, all right, but because it is only a partial sett, the red overstripe (in the sample's case, white) sticks out because it's not in the warp, just the weft. And the 32 thread repeat (blue in the "real" tartan, green in the sample) is *boring* in the scarf, because it's just this long expanse of green with blue stripes. Now I know - I need to warp it in the middle of the blue, with the red stripe down the center. The rest of the sett will work, the red won't look out of place, and it'll look like tartan no matter which way you turn it.

When I finish it, I want to do a color and weave effect in twill....just haven't decided on *what*. Then I want to weave some fancy twill for a bodice....but I think I'll fit in at least 1 more set of dishtowels. I think I'm addicted, here.......

Which leads to another question: I have "bought" presents that I got way back in the summer, before I rediscovered my love of weaving (ahem. Addiction. I can call it like I see it, thankyouverymuch!). I *know* my family...some of them will appreciate handmade stuff, some will say they like it, but sneer deep down. *sigh* Do I skip the handwovens for them, and go for the "bought" stuff, should I keep the bought stuff for later, should I give both......advice? Please???

And, I think I need to sell my floor harp. Too many bad memories, I can't play her, and I'm lusting after a multi-harness loom. I don't think I can sell her for enough to buy a new loom, but I can for a used one. Easily. Anyone wanna try to talk me out of it/encourage me to go for it? *g*

And, read THIS:
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