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Accidents abound...

not for me or mine, thankfully - but for our fence guy. He broke his ankle Tuesday (maybe at my house - I dunno.), so we still have unfinished fences. No biggie - they've sucked for years, so whenever they get done is fine.

The hens are consistantly laying 11 eggs a day now. Still no colored eggs - I think I need to put some more cayenne pepper in the scratch, to get the Ameracunas on the ball. :grin: It's a wonderful feeling, opening the 'fridge and seeing all those lovely, homegrown eggs.

Am cruising down the gusset on sock #2. The end is in sight! Of course, that just means that I'll be ready to start on the kilt hose that much sooner....huh. Think I'll quickly knit up one of the souviner yarns we bought on our vacation first. *I* need a new pair of socks, and I have 2 lovely skeins of sock yarn to pick from. :grin: 1 pair is heavier weight..think I'll do those first. That'll give me time to spin up some more singles for the kilt hose.

Which I have settled on, BTW. I emailed Steph (AA's lovely wife - a VERY talented lady.) She agreed that a 4-ply cabled yarn would be best for socks :gasp: But - BUT - for cabled socks, the cabled yarn would distract from the knotwork. So, 3-ply it is, and I'll suffer thru size 1s. :sigh: IF I can boost the yarn up to 1s....right now, the 2-ply looks like I'd need 00s. :bigger sigh: I need to learn to spin heavier grist yarn!

The good news is that I've spun up 1.5 bobbins, so I only have 1.5 to go. The bad news is that this isn't even froghair weight, so it takes for-freaking-ever to fill a bobbin. Oh, and I haven't even made a dent in the pile of lovely wool. :grin: Ah, well - I love to spin, and this wool is spinning up SO nicely; so even and's a pleasure indeed.

Have decided to start making yogurt. IF I can find a yogurt maker that is. Herself, me and Sweet Geek all like yogurt, and my favorite salad dressing uses it as a it just makes sense. Now, if I could only get Himself into it, we'd be set. :grin:
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