Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Busy busy busy

OK...this has been a VERY eventful weekend, so

Friday evening, I got home, and the waterbed....well, the mattress was almost all drained (go Mom!), but the leak was worse than I thought. There was about 3" to 4" of water in the liner. :sigh: So, I started bailing. Sweet Geek got home with the new bedroom suite - or, most of it. :grin: The entertainment center had to wait - there wasn't room in the truck for it.

Got the waterbed drained, finally, and broken down, and started setting up the new bed. :goggle: For $325, we got:

Pine and metal headboard and footboard, plus the pine rails (Queen sized)
Serta Posterpedic box springs
Serta Posterpedic PILLOWtop matterss
FEATHERbed topper
Ralph Lauren sheet set
Ralph Lauren DOWN comforter
Ralph Lauren Cranberry velveteen shams (2)
Ralph Lauren White lace-trimmed shams (2)
Down pillows (2)
Regular pillows (4 - for the shams)
Nightstands (2) - Very Tall, to match the bed
Entertainment center

The bed? Is about 3.5' tall when all assembled. It's HUGE, and gorgeous. Pics to follow, once the bedroom is cleaned.

We got the bed set up Friday evening, then went to bed.

Saturday: Started cleaning the bedroom. Got the nightstands in, and moved the bookcase. Donated 7 garbage bags of books to the Women's shelter. Tossed 3 garbage bags of junk. Have about 1/4 of the room left to tidy...should be fun. :grin:

Sunday: Picked up the Entertainment center, and have it moved into the front room, where it'll live (NO TV in the bedroom, thankyouveddymuch!)

Tomorrow, we'll finish the bedroom. :whew:

Egg count: 10 on Friday, *15* on Saturday, and 12 so far today.

Tags: blather, country life

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