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Almost forgot...


Previous Entry Almost forgot... Sep. 4th, 2008 @ 10:46 am Next Entry
OH! I forgot to mention, because I am blonde :grin:....

For the past 3 months, we have been calling and complaing to the the water co. about a leak on *their* side of the meter. The last time this happened was back in...April, I believe, and the company left a HUGE mess - ruts and piles of dirt in front of my fence. It was so bad that I had a hard time mowing out there - the mower would get stuck.

SO....anyway, about 3.5 months ago, we noticed standing water in the ruts. We called (correction: SWEET GEEK called, because he's just that way. :grin:), and were told "Fine. We'll get out there sometime to check it." *3* months, people. 3 months I have had standing water, and my water bill has gone from $52/month to *$130/month* (and..I don't waste water. We are in a drought, so I am Very Very careful about watching the water). :sigh:

We'd finally had enough, so Tuesday Sweet Geek called them back - and the lady HUNG UP ON HIM. Oh, no - THAT was unacceptable. He called the Texas State Water Commission. I don't know what was said...but yesterday? I came home to a large mud lolly in front of my house. Apparantly, there was a leak at the meter (ya think??) and they had to replace a pipe. They also smoothed out the ruts...:grin:

We'll see what my bill is this month - I suspect they have been charging me for the last repair, but can't prove it (my bill went from $50/month to $70-ish/month), so hopefully this'll have taken care of it and my bill will go back down to a more realistic amount.
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