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It's Sunday, which means: Weekend Update!


Previous Entry It's Sunday, which means: Weekend Update! Sep. 7th, 2008 @ 03:46 pm Next Entry
:grin: It's been a busy one, but not as busy as usual. Thankfully!

Friday: Got home, Sweet Geek was already there. Silly man got off at 11, and started mowing/cleaning/etc. I got home in time for dinner, then we watched part of "Saving Private Ryan" and hit the bed.

Saturday: Took all morning to get the auger off of the Kubota (no, seriously. It also involved the fence-guy; we ended up disassembling the silly thing to get it unhitched!) Hitched up the bushhog, and I (finally!) mowed the girls' paddock. It look nice, BTW. :grin: Took a short nap, then we headed out so Sweet Geek could get some photos. (Got some *really* cool ones of an egret at the side of the road - he was an awesome model!) Wanted to watch the rest of Private Ryan, but, instead, watched the first 3 episodes of "The Lost Room" (more on that later.)

Sunday: Mowed the boys' paddock, mowed the front yard, cleaned inside. Watched the last 3 episodes of "The Lost Room" and are now ensconced in front of the Cowboy game. :lol:

Lost Room: Very Interesting. Very Strange. Hard to describe: Basically, there is a hotel room that doesn't exist on this plane. There are about 100 "objects" ("normal" things that are now NOT normal) that came from the room. A police officer, single dad comes into possession of the key (it allows you to go ANYWHERE there's a door. You can unlock any door and it enters the motel room; when you open the door again, you're whereever you pictured in your mind.) His daughter is kidnapped by someone (a "Collector") who wants the key; his daughter ends up going into the room, losing the key, and being shut into it. So, she's lost.

There's a pen that microwaves things, a radio that will make you grow 3" if it's tuned to the right station, scissors that rotate things, a pencil that taps out pennies...it's hysterical. And weird. The whole plot revolves around the cop looking for his daughter. VERY good, but...different.

Good weekend, very fun!
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