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Blah de blah de blah

Another day, another .10....or so. :grin: Work :sigh:

Not a whole lot to report, here. Still plugging along on the sock; the sweater is waiting patiently for me to regain interest; the kilt hose yarn is still moving along (froghair + 3-ply = LONG time spinning!)....

The house is shaping up. We need to haul the waterbed out, and the old entertainment center, then we can rearrange the front room. The new entertainment center is very large...looks nice, but it's BIG.

We've discussed the plans for the bedroom, and I know where we're going with it. The bathroom is also pretty much planned; just need to settle on a color scheme.

After quite a while of an "ouchy" wrist, it has decided to go hog-wild with the pain. :sigh: Don't know what's up with it, but I'm ready for it to settle down again. :bangs head:
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