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and I'm seeing a trend here. I *swear* I did not cheat on any of these...

Weyrwoman! You would ride a golden queen dragon.
Like Lessa, Zulaya, and Moreta, you have the
wisdom, strength, and caring inherent to a
senior weyrwoman. Along with the Weryleader,
you are the most powerful and honored person in
the weyr.

A Pern Quiz: What Color Dragon Would You Ride?
brought to you by Quizilla

Gold Rider! Wow thats great! your the big mama and
the Leader of all Dragons and Riders! sure
sometimes you feel a little insignificant
behind that egogistical Weyrleader, but you
demand respect from everyone, and you get it.
You're usually known by men to play "hard
to get" but you know, and your weyrmate
knows that you want it.

What kind of Pern Dragon would you Ride
brought to you by Quizilla

You would Impress a gold dragon.
You are a woman and a strong one, and you know
what it takes to get people to listen. You are
generally a good leader and a good
problem-solver, and you might have a problem
with pride. No biggie. You're the Weyrwoman and
your dragon's the Queen!

What Color Dragon Would You Impress?
brought to you by Quizilla

You'd impress a gold! Gold riders tend to be bossy
and in control, and are good leaders, although
there are always exceptons. Your either the
Weyrwoman, or the Jr. Weyrwoman of you weyr,
and you dragon is the only color that can
clutch. Golds are also the largest dragons on
Pern and no dragon dissobeys her! Golds are
always female, and only impress females. They
are the rarest and most important dragon on all
of Pern. They cannot chew firestone.

What color Pern Dragon would you impress?
brought to you by Quizilla
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