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Well, Ike came....

and went. Brought TONS of rain - but not as bad as predicted (here, anyway.) My family in Houston is OK - no power, but that was to be expected.

Us? Waterlogged, but fine. The hens are nicely washed; we got 13 eggs yesterday. :grin: Horses are fine - in fact, the boys are all laying down, napping in the sun right now. :snicker: Too, too funny. Finn was having a nightmare - hysterical!

We spent yesterday at the Mall - yes, we braved the rain. I was looking for a yogurt maker - *1* store - *1* - had a non-frozen yogurt maker. (Macy's....ummm, no thanks!) It was $50...I can get one from Amazon for $26. It's just....Amazon is a PITA to return stuff to. :thinks: I'll keep looking carries them, so I might do that. I think you can return stuff to the store if they are defective/damaged.

Watched "Mr. Magorium's Magical Emporium" (or...whatever the exact title is. :snicker:) last night - it's a cute movie. I'll be watching it again.

:huh: Sweet Geek is on the ground taking a photo of *something*. I think I'll mosey out and check on him....
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