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Well, Ike came....


Previous Entry Well, Ike came.... Sep. 14th, 2008 @ 09:47 am Next Entry
and went. Brought TONS of rain - but not as bad as predicted (here, anyway.) My family in Houston is OK - no power, but that was to be expected.

Us? Waterlogged, but fine. The hens are nicely washed; we got 13 eggs yesterday. :grin: Horses are fine - in fact, the boys are all laying down, napping in the sun right now. :snicker: Too, too funny. Finn was having a nightmare - hysterical!

We spent yesterday at the Mall - yes, we braved the rain. I was looking for a yogurt maker - *1* store - *1* - had a non-frozen yogurt maker. (Macy's....ummm, no thanks!) It was $50...I can get one from Amazon for $26. It's just....Amazon is a PITA to return stuff to. :thinks: I'll keep looking around....Target.com carries them, so I might do that. I think you can return stuff to the store if they are defective/damaged.

Watched "Mr. Magorium's Magical Emporium" (or...whatever the exact title is. :snicker:) last night - it's a cute movie. I'll be watching it again.

:huh: Sweet Geek is on the ground taking a photo of *something*. I think I'll mosey out and check on him....
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Date:September 14th, 2008 04:58 pm (UTC)
Yes you can return stuff ordered from target online to any target store, make sure you print out the return form before you go otherwise they will argue with you and not take it if it's not sold in their store. Also if you return it for the money you have to have the original credit card it was purchased on or else all they will give you is a gift card.

Their gift return policy sucks, the only point of the gift reciept is so you don't get a target gift card at whatever sale price they are currently running.
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