Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It's Wednesday!

Let's all celebrate the work week being half over! (Yes, it's been a Week. :sigh:) I have a lunch date to look forward to.......:huzzah!:

Hit the grocery store last night - Wally World, to be exact. $278 later, I have a stocked freezer. Thank God my pantry was already stocked - I couldn't afford it otherwise!

Prices have jumped - not a lot; the problem is that the packages are *smaller*. What used to be a 5 lb bag of chicken breasts is now 3 - for .10 more. Ditto on the wings. Ground meat is $2.48/lb - for the full fat, store brand. Milk is $3/gallon - again, store brand. Eggs - not that I'm buying any, thankfully! - are $2.30/doz. :shock:

Folks, I knew it was gonna get bad; I was right - and I'm not happy I was right. Thing is, THIS isn't the worst it's gonna get - it's gonna get a LOT worse before it even thinks about getting better. BoA will be one of the next banks to fail - and so will JPMChase (I have first-hand knowledge of JPM's mismanagement practises). If you don't have some food stockpiled...well, good luck with that. No matter WHO wins the election, it's not gonna get better. (My prediction? Democrat - but Obama won't last. Some good 'ol boy from Nebraska/the Dakotas/Montana will decide to make history, and Biden will become #1; Hillary will get the nod for #2. Just sayin'......I *seriously* hope I'm wrong...but that's what I'm seeing)

If you have investments on Wall Street, get 'em out - I don't know how much time you've got. Put that money in tangible goods - canned ones. Stock up your freezer, and eat from it - if/when the dollar drops more and the electric companies start cutting power, you'll lose what's in there and have to rely on the canned goods. (I hope you listened last year when I started pushing this - canned goods have gone up 3x - what I could get *last* year for .50/can are now going for $1.50+/can. :boggle:) Ditto water - I'm looking into a well for that very reason. If you can go off-grid, do so - it's expensive. Looks like wind-power is the Least - but it's still pretty pricey. :sigh:

:huh: I took a left turn there - but it's important. Gas prices will continue to go up (as will everything else), the dollar is gonna keep falling....things are going to get pretty bad, pretty quick. You need to be prepared for the absolute *worst*.....that way, if it doesn't get that bad, you'll be OK.
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