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First, a Thank You

to all you veterans and active military personnel (including Reservists and National Guard). God Bless you for your sacrifices and unselfishness.

I'm off today, and I just *finally* made it out of Herself's room. How a 7 year old can accumulate *that* much junk I will never know (10 - *10* bags of trash!!, 1 bag of outgrown clothes and 2 bags of outgrown books, 3 loads of laundry.....not counting what's in the closet on the floor/in the toy bins) and it took me all morning to straighten up her room. There was some sort of weird science experiment going on under her bed - I managed to beat it off of me and subdue it long enough to shove it in a trash bag and haul it outside - and her closet.....well. You can't pay me enough to go in *there*. Not today....I'll tackle it later. With a bullwhip and hazmat gear.

I did take the time to rewarp her loom (in a really *loud* orange and white log cabin) and mine (I had totally screwed up the tartan...I subbed colors, then promptly forgot which one I subbed for what. *sigh* It's straight *now*). And to start a loaf of bread. The house is smelling *nice*.....

All I have to do now is vacuum (I LOVE my Dyson!) and mop (Hoover Floormate - cheap piece of shit, but it works, and makes mopping the 1850 sf much easier on me)then I'm *done*. For now. Then I'll collapse on the bed for a well-deserved nap.
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