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Reason #47


Previous Entry Reason #47 Sep. 18th, 2008 @ 08:28 am Next Entry
to not exercise in front of your 8 year old son. :snicker: The scene - I am in the living room, in sweats and sports bra (it covers everything nicely, not immodest at all, and it controls the bounce. Necessary!). I have just popped in the Bellydance Twins "Slim Down" DVD and started the warm up. Himself is on the floor surrounded by legos. I have warned him (and Herself, who was grating Fels-Naptha soap) to NOT laugh.

Himself: (on hearing the voice-over lady say "this is a fun way to lose weight....) "Are you tryin' to lose weight?"

Me: No I want to (voice-over lady "and tone up!") tone up.

Himself: Huh. (back to playing)

a few minutes later, as we (the DVD and I) are bouncing around like rabid rabbits)

Himself: Does that stuff actully *work*?

Me: (restraining myself from punching the perky voice-over lady in the face) :pant: Yes :pant:

Himself: Huh!

And so forth and so on. :snicker:

I did manage to do finish most of the DVD - this one is a killer, a lot of bouncing, constant movement, and no let-up. I was pretty sweaty when I finished......and Himself simply said "Huh. You're all wet!" Yeah, thanks! :lol:
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