Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It's probably too soon to tell...

but it seems that the Adderall is doing...something. Herself seems to be a bit more settled...not calmer, not more focused, just more......huh. Hard to explain.

I'm watching her closely right now - the anti-depressant *is* helping her sleep, I'm just paranoid. (The pills are teeny - like, smaller than the mini-m&ms. The dosage is also 25 mg each - she takes 2) She is sleeping; she seems a bit......quiet in the mornings. I'm not complaining - last week, mornings were hell, what with the yelling, stomping around, meltdowns (and all before breakfast! :shudder:); this is more "normal", whatever *that* is.

Still haven't had a callback from the doctor. I was on the phone over an hour yesterday with my insurance company, hashing out our coverage and trying to find another doc to call (the one I'm waiting on? Has night and weekend hours, he's on the insurance, and he's maybe 3 miles from the office. All big plusses. IF HE'D JUST CALL ME BACK....:sigh:)

Himself is getting a bit jealous of the attention she is getting, methinks. He knows she has issues......he just doesn't understand why she can get away with stuff HE can't. :sigh: Fun, fun, fun.......the latest problem with him? His messy room. Sweet Geek has offered to help him clean up; he finally agreed, but he's "scared to talk to him". :sigh: Fallout from the ex - sucks.

Oh, and I got notice last night that Herself is failing English. :sigh: She's such a bright child - I've told her (and him) that I don't demand straight As, but I do expect passing grades. A 68 is NOT acceptable. (It's because she loses her homework. ALL the time. Part of Aspbergers...the total lack of organizational skills...isn't this Fun? :sigh:)

Life's not all bad, though - as of noon, we had 13 eggs. Go chickens! :grin: The horses are all adjusting to being "locked up" in their 2 acre pastures, and the dogs have almost figured out that furniture is NOT for them. :snicker:
Tags: blather, country life, kids

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