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Wednesday means....Lunch!

Mmmmmm...lunch date today. Something nice to look forward to. :grin:

I've just about given up on the DVD workouts for now. It's just too hard to come home, clear off the floor, vaccuum, move the furniture, change clothes, do the workout (AFTER I've already worked out! :grin:) and keep an eye on the kids. So, we're walking.

We have 5 acres. The house and yard take up approx. 1, the rest is pasture. Every night now, we've been walking down to the creek (about 3 acres)...last night we made it to the pond (4 acres). Nice, steady pace - a good workout, PLUS I get talk-time with the kids. Last night Himself and I had a great conversation about life in general. :grin:

I'm also trying to eat better. I've started drinking Komboucha (google's...strange. Here's a good place to start) - it's supposedly terrific for you, if you can get over the fact that it's fermented *tea*. Yup - you read that right. I've been resisting the urge to try it for almost a year, now...I caved last week, went to Whole Foods, and bought a bottle of the grape. It tasted like fizzy, diluted grape kool-aid. I went back and got a few more bottles...the raspberry was OK-ish, the Trinity was *excellent*, I decided to try brewing my own.'s $3.50 a 16 oz BOTTLE. I gotta be able to make my own cheaper than *that*!

The bottle of raspberry had a small bit of the SCOBY (I'll save you some time: Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast. Yeah, Yuck! :Grin:), so I decided to see if it would grow. Yup - it has.....I now have a "lovely" (whatever :grin:) baby SCOBY. I rebooted it last night - I made a nice sugary green tea for it...we'll see if it grows.

Once I got over the whole fermented thang, it was OK. It (supposedly) speeds up metabolism, eases joint pain, fights cancer, aids digestion, changes your oil, cleans your house, :just kidding!:.....we'll see. It's something different to drink, anyway, besides water and plain tea. (I don't do soft drinks - haven't for years. This? Is kind of a nice change)

The kids liked the grape, the raspberry not so much. Sweet Geek tried the Plain was ICKY. Once I get this going, I'll try a few receipes I've found online, and see if I can find a flavor we all like.

I've plateaued, weight-loss wise, and hope this helps kick-start it again. I've cut out most of my carbs (again), I've cut out a lot of the sugar....but the weight, it ain't budging. I'd like to drop 10 pounds.....the walking will help, yes, as will the sit-ups I've also started, but I'm hoping this gets things going again.
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