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Blah de blah de blah...

Took the Zoey-monster on our walk last night. We hiked down to the pond (she smelled the coyote, tried to catch a duck, and thought cattails smelled neat), stopped on the bridge at the creek (she was thirsty, almost pulled Himself in the creek, but decided it was too much work to try and get water from there) and raced the horses back up to the house. :grin: *Way* more of a workout than I intended! The kids? Want to do it again tonight (gluttons for punishment, they are! :grin:)

The hens are slacking - only got 15 eggs yesterday. :snicker:

*Finally* heard back from my first choice of doctor.....HE'S moving to McKinney :wah!: Also heard back from choice #2 - she's not on the pediatrician's list, but she is on the insurance,, she's on the way home from the office, about halfway between home and work. Her first available opening is the first week of DECEMBER, though...:sigh:

Our problem here is Herself's age. If she were 12, well, there are zillions (I'm exaggerating here :grin:) of docs that'll see her (like...the others in choice #1's former office. :sigh:) She's only 11....and I can't see waiting until JUNE for an appointment, when she needs help NOW. (School - not going so well. Math - 98 avg...English? 63. :sigh: It's because she "loses" her homework.) So...I filled out the new patient forms and faxed 'em back, and get to wait for them to clear it with the insurance (I...already did, but whatever), and then they'll call me back for an appointment.

This doc "doesn't *treat* the AS, you know, she just treats the *symptoms*, like sleeplessness, impulsive and oppositional behaviors, etc" - which, of course, are WHY WE'RE SEEING YOU. :sigh: I *know* AS doesn't have a cure - fine. Just get us into a treatment program - yes, it'll involve medication. OK...fine. It'll also involve therapy, coping skills......counselling.

The Adderall has done *something* - she had a meltdown yesterday over taking cut grass to the horses. It was "mild" according to my mother (which is saying A LOT!), and relatively short-lived. The Impri..whatever (the anti-depressant that is for sleep) is also working...but she says she's still tired when she wakes up. Well...she hasn't slept well in a couple of years, so.....I'm watching *that*, but...right now I'm not worried. Too much. :grin:

Must run - gotta talk to the school, and see if they can do something now, or if I have to wait for a real diagnosis. Fun, fun, fun!
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