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:yawn: Is it Friday yet?

Finally! I am ready for some "down time"....I am tired. At least I can sleep in tomorrow...maybe. :grin:

Got some book recommendations to try and help Herself, so I'm going to try to fit in a book store run. :fingers crossed: Also found out that the school HAS to evaluate her, just because I said so. Didn't realize that.....I left a message for the counciler yesterday, but haven't heard back yet. Hopefully, she'll call today and I can get that going.

Rosh Hashana begins Monday evening.....gotta get the last minute Elul cleaning done. We'll be putting in the other laundry room cabinet, which will help, and then we'll tackle the kitchen. Fun fun! :lol:

Picked up more Kombucha for Sweet Geek yesterday - one of the bottles was leaking, so I drank some of it (grape). I'll replace that bottle today - if I get the chance. My SCOBY is doing well, I think - I rebooted it with really sweet tea last night...we'll see. If it continues to grow, I'll try brewing a "real" batch next week. (This batch has WAY too much sugar in it; I'm considering it a "grow grow grow" batch for the SCOBY :lol:) :fingers crossed: - it's too expensive to keep buying!

Only got 15 eggs yesterday.....:snicker: Not complaining! That's enough for 2 full family breakfasts (since Herself has decided that eggs "feel funny").

Zoey likes the pond - she tried to drag Himself in again. (Herself didn't go walking last night....just Himself, me and Zoey). She also tried to go thru the fence to get to the cows; she discovered where the bull had been; she tried to jump in the was a fun walk. :lol:
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